Working towards CovidZero with "Vision Beyond"... Pilot Ready

“Vision Beyond” is a Provider-to-Provider Mixed Reality Telehealth, Telecollaboration, Telecommunication Platform Amplifies Expert Care Resources while Minimizing Exposure and Preserving PPE

Optimizing surgery to                            save lives, money, and time.

        *Telehealth Platform Pilot Ready

Created for surgeons by surgeons
to improve patient care.

Our mission is to help improve patient care in the operating room. As surgeons, we know that using technology to seamlessly provide us with information in the operating room will improve patient care and surgical outcomes.

OpticSurg’s Mixed Reality System – SURGARAI- combines relevant preoperative information with real-time intra-operative information in a portable, adaptable, and personalized fashion, helping ensure that surgeons have all the information they need when they need it – in the operating room.

Visualizing the future in surgery.


Surgeons can maintain patient focus and sterility while accessing relevant information using Mixed Reality tools combining voice commands and hand gestures.

The Surgarai advantage – made for surgeons by surgeons.

Provides Easy Access to Critical Data

Improves Ergonomics

Enhances Operative Efficiency

Improves Patient Care

Surgeons are not only leaders in the operating room, we are also leaders in innovation

Dr. Tran Tu Huynh

President & Founder

Hospitals & Surgery Centers

Drop us a line if you’re interested in more information or a demo. We are also looking for additional early adopters and strategic partners to join our Customer Council.


Contact us if you’re interested in more information or a demo. Get access to our data room to learn more about the Surgarai platform and investment opportunities.